Tanning Aftercare


–       Shower & exfoliate 24 hours before your tan.

–       Do not exfoliate the day of your tan.

–       Do not apply moisturiser, deodorant, oil based products or perfume this can make the tan green!

–       Wax / shave 24 hours prior to your tanning session.

–       Wear loose dark clothing & open shoes (flip flops).

–       Avoid silks, wool & leather garments as the tan will not wash off these materials


·       Remember having a spray tan does not protect you from the sun, so remember to always wear a SPF.

·       Wear loose dark clothing for at least 4 hours after the tan and avoid wearing a bra as the straps will cause rubbing and mark the tan.

·       Do not apply any moisturisers, make up, perfume or deodorants until you have showered to remove the guide colour

·       Shower between 6-8 hours after treatment or if preferred leave on overnight.

·        When you wash your tan remember to pat dry – Do not rub!

·       Don’t use hair removal creams as they promote exfoliation.

·       If you exfoliate often this will shorten the life of your tan.

·       Avoid saunas, steam rooms and chlorinated pools – Your tan will fade much quicker

·       Moisturiser EVERYDAY, this prevents the tan going as patchy.

·       After 4-7 days you may see the tan fade. This is a good time to gently exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells and promote a healthy glow and avoid patchiness.