Lash Extensions Aftercare

Aftercare is the most IMPORTANT thing to follow after any lash treatment you have. This will help your lushes lashes last even longer and protect your natural lashes underneath.


  • AVOID getting your eyelashes wet for 24 hours.
  • AVOID heat and steam for 24 hours this also includes sunbeds.
  • AVOID wearing any oily based products, creams, or mascaras and liquid eyeliners. Pencil eyeliner is a good alternative, but if you can avoid ALL.
  • AVOID putting foundation and strip lashes on your eyelids, it is impossible to get off.
  • AVOID rubbing and touching/picking, this will cause damage to your natural lashes.

Things you should do.

  • You should cleanse your lashes daily using a non oily cleaner. Even getting them wet in the shower will help clean them don’t be scared to get your lashes wet this will help remove any build up of natural oils and makeup. keeping your lashes clean will help them lash a lot more longer. We sell aftercare kits in the salon for £10.
  • Brush your lashes daily morning and night this will prevent any crisscross of lashes and helps keep them clean.
  • To maintain your lashes infills are required every 2-3weeks, this does depend on each individual. You should have at least 40% of lashes on when you come to your infill appointment. If you you don’t want infills please come and get your lashes professionally removed we charge £10 for this.

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